♥  Shifting the Dream from within the Dream  ♥


"DanceFloor Living", as model for sharing space. Being fully creatively expressed. Tuning in to our highest YES! With respect for self, each other and our sacred DanceFloor; Earth.

The DreamDance ceremony is a h'art centered, community building, reality shifting experiment. Dancing with focused intention, we open to our deepest truth and creative expression. Through movement and surrendering into light and sound, we unlock the wisdom of our bodies and release potent energies into our collective container. By doing this we activate a "LivingLaser" of coherent energy. Connecting our hearts, we dynamically participate in generating a powerful Field. Holding our intention while we Dance, we put our Dreams into this collectively generated radiance. With our heightened awareness, respect for free will of others, with clear energy, and heartfelt focus, we dance with and are informed by our h'Arts Dream. We receive abundance of support, seen and unseen. Through this high vibration activation, we find new levels of peace, awareness, inspiration and motivation to take right action in our daily lives. Healing mind, body and spirit. Sending the Dream out in the form of a LoveBubble, we Dance for personal and global transformation.




The DreamDances are monthly regional intentional Dance gatherings with a mission to spread globally.


We gather to raise the vibration within ourselves, our collective and our region. Eventually connecting nodes all around the planet. Using 'Dance Floor Living' as a model for how we choose to be and live the Dream of life in harmony, ie. sharing space with others, cooperating in flow, being creatively fully expressed, respecting each other and the earth we dance upon.


These Dances offer a little something for everyone, bringing people together from all walks and ages. We emphasize a beautiful, safe and substance free space to connect, play, explore and enter altered states of being through the high vibration we collectively generate.


Many of us use this brilliant energy field with  high respect and care to facilitate change in our own reality. Through the full surrender into the Dance, we can bring about great shifts in our personal lives. Whether it be healing, insight, energetic support in our creations, or a whole host of other possibilities, this practice gives us the momentum to take right action out into our world.


The Dance is a journey with many layers of experiences building upon each other. We encourage people to come from start to finish to fully participate in and receive maximum effect. 


Starting with a grounding didg and gong soundbath. This is a time to tune in to one's own intentions for the journey to come. Then followed by an hour of yoga in the round to open and prepare the body for several hours of Dancing to follow. At 7:30 we come close together for a brief collective candle lighting ceremony and raising of our voices in harmony to build and blow up the Dreamasphere. We enter into the DreamDance, gently at first, through live acoustic music skillfully woven into a dj'd journey. Arching into high energy with tribal drumming circle at the peak and then slow descent back into the grounding closing soundbath. The night ends with community h'art sharing open mic with poetry, song and other unique spontaneous offerings.


The space is lush and inviting. With comfortable places to relax and connect quietly all around the edges. We offer high quality tea and purified water on the house and other healthy edibles for sale. There is beautiful live art and visuals to watch, and face painting and body work to participate in. We encourage parents to drop in and help with the fun kid's zone.


Originating in Seattle, our vision is to offer this brand and template to other regions. Spreading this model around the world. DreamDancing in unison on the equinoxes and solstices. With our collective and coherent h'art ripples, we raise the vibration of our planet together.