Dance Floor Living

in the h'Art of

the Dream


We're so grateful to everyone who has come out and built this beautiful LoveBubble with us for over 5 years of wondrous DreamDance ceremonies in Seattle and beyond. As these were highly produced monthly offerings we are now taking a much needed break. Focusing on Communiversity Cascadia. An educational forum offering the skills needed to make our Dreams reality.  

The monthly gatherings have produced an incredible ~Dream Dancing Village~, and has left a potent mark in our region. As such, a version of the template will continue, evolving iteself from within the community. Continuing to gather on the 3rd Saturdays at OmCulture and Communiversity will coincide with these Dances. The DreamDance ceremony itself will come back in the form of smaller potent gatherings periodically at local festivals and as 'DreamDance presents' offerings.